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This doesn't feel safe or legal here

concerned tennant

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I'm hoping someone can please help me clarify this situation for me...

I have just joined a new company and work in a converted warehouse, the building is 3 floors, huge, and has be separated into offices and studios spaces. There are over 35 small independent business working from here. They own another warehouse two doors down which is similar, and on Friday their fire alarm went off and the building was evacuated. It got me thinking about the building i am based in and i asked the staff a few questions, apparently because this building is a newer conversion we have no fire alarms in place yet. Nothing. not in the private offices, studios, communal spaces or corridors. This building is in use 24/7 but only staffed mon-fri 9-6pm. Some offices have no interior windows so you can't see into them. One floor that is mainly music studios (full of electrical equipment) is completely like this. I've noticed a dew fire extinguishers around, but most don't have a tag attached or look correct.

I now feel very unsafe, there especially due to the structure and layout of the building and the multiple people that have access. I'm also concerned about whether this will also mean our insurance for the business belongings will not be covered. If there is a fire in the top floor over the weekend and the place burns down and our office is effected - how will we claim if there were not alarms in place?

Are the landlords in breach of anything? Can someone advise me of what legally needs to be in place as the info i am finding online is a little overwhelming.

Much appreciated

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I would as a matter of urgency contact the business fire safety enforcement team of your local Fire & Rescue Service.

There should have been a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by the landlord as there will be common areas & systems and from that there should be the right fire alarms, emergency lighting, protected escape routes, extinguishers, emergency procedures, etc in place before occupancy.

It also sounds like the conversion and sub division may not have gone through the Building Control process either.

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