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Landlord fire risk assesment

Guest Heidi

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I live in a block of flats above shops which all have roof top access and patio type area, we all have fencing trellis around our areas with plant pots etc with fully clear walk way so you can run out of a burning building. This week the landlord have sent builder to remove my fencing trellis and when asked why they said its a fire hazard. Ok the only H&S card HOWEVER my issue is that there are 5 other flats with the same stuff and they have only taken ours! surely if it is not being removed from all flats this not only discriminatory but a clear cop out of why they have done this. I just want to check if there is any info I can request or find regarding the fire safety of this situation because if it is true then fine but just miffed that its only our which I had only bought this year so not rotten or anything. 

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The only person who can clarify the situation is the Responsible Person, who in your case will be the landlord and should have conducted a fire risk assessment, listing the significant findings, which will include the removing of your fence. Removing or reducing fire risks, is part of the FRA but I accept fence material is capable of igniting but what is going to ignite it?

The only person who can resolve your problem is your landlord so you need to speak to him/her.

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