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What fire detection


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Hi all. Just a question here. iv'e spent a while on the net researching what system we need, id really appreciate if someone on here could advise me.

We have a ground floor shop with a main entrance area and 4 other rooms leading of it.

Are a regular interlinked smoke detectors sufficient?

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Smoke detectors of the type you describe are for domestic use not commercial premises.

Fire alarm system design in all commercial premises starts with what is called Category M coverage, which is 'break glass' Manual Call Points and alarm sounders all connected to a fire alarm control panel, the system complying with BS5839-1:2017

Most shops,offices, etc only require this and no automatic detection. This is because in many cases a person will discover a fire and react quicker than a detector and thus needs some way of raising & spreading the alarm.

Automatic detection is only required where the life safety risk warrants it - a common example is where there is a sleeping risk.

If you want detection for property protection (i.e. out of hours) then that's up to you but it's not a legal requirements and again domestic detectors are not adequate, you should have a commercial system that is remotely monitored or dials preprogrammed numbers so there will be a response.

A small shop may not even need an electrical fire alarm system is small enough for a shout of fire or a hand bell/whistle/air horn sounding to be clearly and quickly heard throughout the premises.

Your Fire Risk Assessment should decide your requirements and a specialist fire alarm company (as oppose to a general electrician who may put the wrong equipment in) can also advise.


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