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fire exit doors in a nursery

Eve Daniels

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I have recently started working on the internal structure of our new nursery.  We are in a new build, single story.  We have taken on the show room in the development so they already have fire exits, fire lighting, fire doors etc .  We are now creating a new corridor in the existing show home to act as a fire corridor where all the nursery rooms will lead to.  We understand each room will need a fire door and fire proof partitioning with fire retardant plaster board etc. But I have a few questions to ask, How many exits we do need from each room? (maximum of 40 children and adults in the room at one time) Each room leads to the fire corridor and each room will have another exit to another room will this suffice?

Last question is it ok to have one fire corridor from reception through the middle of the nursery which ends at the external fire exit.  Do we need a door at the beginning of the corridor from reception?  or a door half way through the corridor.  The corridor measures approximately 18 metres and goes in a U shape (kind of) with doors coming off it.  If you need to see plans let me know




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This project is most likely to be subject to the building regulations approval and if the plans are not satisfactory they would have not approved them. It is likely that Approved Document B (fire Safety) volume 2: Premises other than Dwelling Houses would be used. So if you want to check out the plans, then compare it with this guide or speak to building control.

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