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Spandrel panels to prevent vertical external fire spread


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Hi All,

I vaguely remember there being an ADB or similar requirement for there to be spandrels above windows as an attempt to limit fire spreading from windows up the building; I believe this requirement was removed as it was considered ineffective but they may have kept the requirement in the NFPA codes.

Does anyone recall this and know which document referenced the requirement? I'm guessing the NFPA references are in NFPA 220 or 5000 but haven't checked yet.


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I am not aware of any regulations limiting fire spreading from windows up the building other than B4 /section 36 in BS 9999:2008 and that appears more concerned with the spread of fire from adjacent buildings.

There is a few reports from the like of BRE who cover this aspect but involving spandrel panels is new to me, I think if I was you I would post on http://firenetforum.org.uk/ and spread your net. 

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