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Fire/ Building regulations in a private house.


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What a wonderful forum!  I hope you can help.

I have recently had a home lift installed for my husband who has Alzheimers and is losing his sight.  After installation, the building inspector from out local council said that we had to have jointly wired smoke alarms upstairs and downstairs.  At the moment we have battery operated ones.  While I do not question his recommendation, I was unaware that private homes had to have smoke alarms fitted.  The inspector said that building regulations required that we change to hard wired.  I cannot find the legislation setting out this requirement.  Could you advise please.

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Approved Document B Part 1 contains guidance as how to meet the functional requirements of the Building Regulations 2010 in Dwellings.Because the installation is Building Work and subject to the regulations Building Control can require the application of the current fire safety standards including the use of Grade D alarms instead of Grade F.

The biggest risk of death from fire is in your own home and whilst grade F (battery only not linked) have saved many lives there has in recent years many deaths in battery only alarmed homes due to non functionality. Interlinked alarms afford an earlier warning as when asleep the fire needs to spread to the top of the stairs in order to set off the top landing alarm before you will wake with self contained alarms. Linked alarms can give you valuable extra time at night allowing escape via the stair rather than the windows.

Private homes built or subject to significant building work since 1991 have required the fitting of alarms.

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Thank you Anthony.  Now I know my obligations and, more to the point, why it should be done.  I will get them fitted.

Sorry I took so long to respond, but the 'Notify me of replies' function doesn't seem to be working.

This is a very important forum and I'm so glad I found it.  Thanks to everyone making it possible.


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