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Coat hangers in school

Guest Cav31

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Good morning,

I work in a school in London and we have been advised that we need to build a unit to store coats etc. for one of our classrooms.  We have quite a small classroom where they is no space for pupils to hang their coats and currently they hang on a rail outside the classroom.  This hanging rail is on a fire exit route, this route is the only means of escape for this section of the school (3 story, 5 classrooms).  We have been informed that the area must remain sterile to prevent any spread of fire and have been advised to build a fire resistant unit to store these items in.  I have tried many google searches to no avail and wonder does anyone have any advice on how to go about this?  We have a very good handyman that could build us a unit if we get the correct materials.  My main concern is the unit will need to have doors and am unsure how these could be fire resistant....

Any help anyone can offer would be most appreciated.


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