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Fire risk assessment

Guest Kayleigh

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Guest Kayleigh

I am wondering if anyone can give me advice ? I am a tenet lived in my property for ten years it’s a 1960 very large block of  maisonette buildings. Consistenting  of about 30 family’s. 

I have my own front door but I have a brick wall infront which was a bin cupboard they have bricked up. Under garage parking .I have a roof terrace balcony that the fire escape leads to neighbouring  balconys but no fire escape stairs to get off the building  . 

I have contacted my housing in regards to a fire risk assessment and they said they don’t need one. 

I am so confused and concerned as some vandals set a car on fire which above the under garages are bedrooms. 

This is the reason the bricked the bin cupboard up. 

Is one needed ? 

They wont even give me advice in what to do in a event of a fire I know basics. 

Just concerned 

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I cannot give you advice on the means of escape(MoE) without having a full and detailed knowledge of the premises.

All common areas of the premises require a fire risk assessment(FRA) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies, enforced by th the local fire and rescue service. Individual flats do not require a FRA but they do need an adequate MoE and are subject to The Housing Act 2004 who is enforced by the local council also check out HHSRS(see below).

As for the refuse storage you should check https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hhsrs-operating-guidance-housing-act-2004-guidance-about-inspections-and-assessment-of-hazards-given-under-section-9 and as for a fire procedure I an not aware of a requirement to provide a fire procedure but it is wise the tenants are informed even if it is in the form of written comunication.

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