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Emergency lighting in small block of flats


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I manage a small block of 4 flats, 2 on each of the 2 stories of the purpose-built block. The block is free-standing and not attached to neighbouring properties. We have an emergency lighting system installed but is it really necessary for such a small block?  And having it, does it need to be expensively tested each year by a qualified electrician?

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If it's there then yes  (if it was built in the last 20-30 years it would have been put in as a Building Regulation requirement) and a 3 hour test on a small block of flats shouldn't be that expensive you should get other quotes. If it wasn't there because it was an old development then due to size it would be recommended (but a lower priority than fire door issues) as oppose to a high priority action.

You have no option but to maintain it appropriately, it would be an offence not to do so.

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