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No green LED light kidde firex kf10


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Last October (2017) I replaced 3 oldish fire/smoke-alarms with 3 Kidde Firex KF10. All have functioned correctly until one day ago, when the alarm at the top of the stairs within the loft extension failed to show the green LED. I checked the local fuse box & no evidence of any tripping, and the lights (on which I assume this to be connected) were working correctly. I have removed the alarm from the ceiling, but cannot see any obvious fault, & have checked the wiring back into the ceiling for loose connections. Depressing the "hush button" gives the necessary short alarm note. the other 2 alarms have the green LED on. As a red herring, my wife heard a distinct "clunk" around the time the alarm failed in the area where the alarm is situated, and temperatures have been pretty high in the roof space.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks

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Question please, the maintenance guy replaced our old fire alarm because it kept going off , the old one had a green light solid, this other one he replaced it with has no green light or any other light? Is it a real fire alarm? He took this one out of his apartment?? The one in hall upstairs still has a solid green light 

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Without seeing it, it is not possible to say, but my guess would be that it was a mains powered smoke alarm, and now it is a battery operated smoke alarm, the downside is if the smoke alarms were interlinked (So that when one goes off, they all go off) they will not now be interlinked.

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