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Guest David


in a large general needs block of flats that are mixed tenure is there any responsibility on the landlord/freeholder to provide peeps? 



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No, they are private dwellings, some brigades have tried to enforce this on landlords, but as the expert testimony on the legislative regime at the Grenfell inquest points out this is not actually enforceable.

Would the residents want to have to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year in service charge so the freeholder could employ people to be on site doing nothing except waiting for a fire so they can implement the PEEPs?

The private individual retains some responsibility for their own safety, if they become so infirm that they cannot safely evacuate then they should assess where they live, it's unrealistic to expect freeholders to be responsible. That's why we have sheltered housing, care homes, bungalows, ground floor flats, etc 

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