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Fire risk assessment required

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Unless you've had a fire risk assessment you won't know what fire safety provisions you actually need (unless guided by the suppliers and installers which can often lead to over provision).

It should be as soon as possible, however in practice if the premises don't present a risk of death or serious injury then your FRA being a couple of weeks after opening is unlikely to lead to any action.

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Whilst pricey a water mist would be the best as you would only need one extinguisher to cover all risks - Class A (solids), Class F (cooking oils) and live electrical equipment instead of the traditional (more sales led) approach of a wet chemical extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher and fire blanket (If your fryers are bigger than 300mm diameter and/or contain more than 3l of oil then they are useless as that's the maximum size fire they are tested and approved for)


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