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Notional doors


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Time and time again we receive the phrase NOTIONAL DOORS being used within Risk assessments. Just applying a sense of logic but can doors that were fitted in the 70s or 80s still realistically be considered acceptable even though today's Fire door sets comes with it a whole myriad of new regulations and codes of practice to fit them? Additionally, do you think There is likely to be any change in future legislation to counter act them still being classed as compliant?

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If correctly fitted and maintained they do have a reasonable amount of performance - they were intended to last up to 30 minutes even back in the day. Intumescent seals and cold smoke brushes are one of the main differences affecting performance, but in the right circumstances they remain acceptable (they aren't automatically and in many cases need upgrading or replacing).

There's no evidence of there being any changes to require full retrospective application of standards, it would be too burdensome. Let's not forget that the fire doors that failed at Grenfell weren't the original notional doors, but the 'today' door sets that supposedly had all these regulations and codes to ensure their efficacy.

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