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Bird Nest in front of Firext Exit door

Sarah C

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Our office is a very old building and the fire exit door has 2 routes to it, one from our office via a small alleyway and from the first floor down a set of fire steps. The fire exit door leads out onto an alleyway but we have a big problem of pigeons and they keep nesting right in front of the door. They have just hatched 2 more over the weekend. We have put up spikes in places but that hasn't stopped them nesting in front of the door. The door can still be opened but obviously if there was a fire we would be disturbing the nest. Where do we stand and how can we stop them nesting again next year as I know bird nests are protected! They nested twice last year.

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I think you are addressing this query to the wrong forum you are more likely to get a better reply from a website like the RSPB.

Check out https://www.pigeoncontrolresourcecentre.org/html/reviews/kill-pigeons-pigeon-traps-killing-pigeons.html and you are not the only one I have problems with the beasts. 

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