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Fire Risk Assessment required by Buyer's Solicitor

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I am in the process of selling my Lease Hold Flat and the buyer's Solicitor has requested a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment. The Management Company has said they do not supply copies of the Fire Risk Assessment but have said if the buyer's Solicitor will ring them they would answer any questions in regards to the Fire Risk Assessment. Can the Management Company do this?The Buyer's Solicitor has said this could delay the sale of the flat.

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I think the first thing to consider is, the FRA is not always recorded, it depends on the number of persons employed by the Responsible Person and if it is recorded I cannot find anywhere, the RP is required to make it available to anybody except an inspecting officer. So as far as I can see it is up to the Responsible Person (RP) who he provides with a copy of the FRA, (if there is one) other than the inspecting officer. 

Check out The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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