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Which extinguisher for freezer

Guest GrahamWith

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Guest GrahamWith

Please advise which type of domestic fire extinguisher would be appropriate to use in the event of a fire starting in a fridge freezer with a plastic backing. My own is located in a utility room, not the main kitchen.

Thank you.

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Same as any extinguisher for domestic premises:

- If you want the cheapest option then there is ABC Powder. However it's very messy and damaging and isn't the nicest stuff to breath in or see what you are doing when discharging. Will also cover any risk in the home involving solids, liquids and electrical equipment, but not cooking oils

- The most expensive option is Water Mist. It's clean and undamaging and suits the three main domestic risks: fires in solids, fires in electrical equipment, fires in cooking oils.

CO2 gas extinguishers aren't really suited to domestic use, neither are the normal water jet and water spray extinguishers.

Foam spray is a possibility, but most suppliers won't ratify their use directly on electrical fires other than accidentally (long story!)

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