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Is fire alarm required?


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I have inherited a 3-storey building, split in the 1950's into 2 flats,  1 ground floor and the other on 1st & 2nd floors. At some time in the past the top flat was let with multiple occupancy, but for the previous 10 years just let to 2 separate families. Each flat has its own front door and there are no common areas. The old fire alarm system had been left in place, switched on, but not checked for several years and the previous owner had fitted independent smoke alarms. The old alarm system has recently stated giving false alarms. Am I required to maintain/replace this system, or can it be removed/switched off? Any advice gratefully received! 

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From what you say the ground floor flat and the first/second floor flat has its own individual fronts doors leading to fresh air, no common areas. Consequently you are not subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 but are subject to the The Housing Act 2004  and because it sounds like it was part HMO then it would have been the local council who required the fire alarm, so it's up to them to decide if the  FA can be removed.

However you do need smoke detector and CO alarms in both flats because you will be subject to The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015.

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