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Fire safety labels


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Apologies if this comes through twice - had some problems with registration so wasn't sure of this posted.

I was wondering if anyone could help with a predicament we're in please. 

We recently bought a house which was being rented out and included the furniture in the sale. We have since found out that several items of furniture (bed bases, mattresses and chairs) don't have fire safety labels visible although they don't look very old. 

Do you know where we stand with this please? We want to continue renting the house out (it's a house we bought for our retirement as we live in tied accommodation so we're renting in the meantime rather than being a business venture) but now find we have been sold furniture which is not compliant and possibly should never have been in rental accommodation (unless the labels have all fallen off between ownership).

If we had known, we would have asked the seller to dispose of it all before the sale, but we have paid for it in the house sale and will now have to pay for their disposal and as well as new furniture. Is there anything we can do? Is there any way of proving fire safety compliance retrospectively if the labels have simply fallen off?  I've read bed bases and mattresses have different rules - do we need to get rid of them too if no labels visible? 

Many thanks for your time
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