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Enclosed fire exit route


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Hi. My neighbour at work has had the rear fire door of his factory unit enclosed off with fencing by his neighbours, who have now put goats and geese to graze there. This door is the only rear fire door that he has. Also the ground belongs to him. The neighbours that have done this are gypsies that live in a house so obviously he wants to resolve this as amicably as possible especially as he s an elderly gentleman. Any advice please? 

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Not really anything amicable if they won't remove it after friendly conversation. Civil legal action for eviction is the usual route, although the keeping of animals may breach bye laws so the Local Authority may get involved (if they have the resources spare!).

Not sure on the legalities regarding moving the fencing himself, they would need to consult a lawyer regarding what would be lawful and what would be criminal damage without a court order.

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