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External Walls - Assembly and Recreation Classification


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, however, I am wondering if anyone is able to provide some clarification on the following point.

We're currently designing a play area which, when looking at Approved Document B volume 2, falls under the "Assembly and Recreation" classification. This classification seems to have quite an impact on both the surface classification of materials and the fire insulation and integrity of the external wall build up. 

The development is greater than 5m in height but less than 18m, and has walls that are within 1000mm of a relevant boundary. Some of these boundaries are adjoining an existing building within the same ownership, others are neighbouring houses.

When looking at the building regulations it refers you to table A1 for external walls, then because of the classification type, refers you to table A2 which asks for 60minutes insulation and 60minutes integrity for those within 1000mm of a relevant boundary and 60minutes integrity and 15minutes insulation for those external walls greater than 1000mm from a relevant boundary. The materials also need to be class 0 where less than 1000mm and no less than class 20 anywhere else (giving the use type and design/height of the building)

We have spoken to Kingspan who have provided product specifications for insulated panel types that will give the indicated fire rating requirements however with both of the panel types they have recommended that are asking for a firewall system to be used as the as the proprietary system. 

Does this imply that every wall will need to be lined internally to give the fire insulation and fire integrity requirements regardless of the system type or are you able to achieve the required ratings with insulated panels and sheeting rails alone?

I may be getting myself mixed up on the matter so any clarification is appreciated. 

Thanks in advance


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I am afraid cladding buildings, no matter what size is a hot potatoe, in light of the grenfell tower situation, everybody is covering their backs. I suspect you will not get a satisfactory response from the internet, I would contact the building control or the BCO/AI who who will be doing the job and get their guidance, as they are the persons who will be accepting the results. 

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