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Loft hatches

Guest Christie

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Guest Christie

Communal loft hatches accessed from the head of the stairwell  in the communal area. 

I would be very grateful for other views on the action to be taken where non fire resistant loft hatches are in place within communal areas of residential blocks..  The circumstance in particular that often leaves me umming and arring is whereby the separation within the loft is suitable ( i.e a vertical panel to roof level, in line with the compartment wall below) and the space is small i.e less than 10m2. Often this occurs in what looks like pretty modern blocks....just a plastic little hatch with a twist lock? My reaction is to want to suggest an upgrade to a fire resistant hatch that is lockable.  

I am not being lazy, but cannot find the particular guidance that enforces this one way or another.  The purpose built flats guide is less of a puzzle on this than where in building regulations  this applies - as the blocks I am referring to generally seem post 2010 constructions.

Any help very welcome!


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If the cavity barriers are suitably located and correctly constructed so a fire on the landing (unlikely anyway)cannot spread beyond the void above to threaten the adjacent flats from above then it's tolerable - the use of cavity barriers is the main protection anyway as fire rated ceilings in lieu of them are not considered good practice as they are more vulnerable

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