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Guest Nina B

Hi - I have 4 older e150 main powered smoke detectors in my house. The one installed underneath the staircase between the 1st and 2nd floor started chirping (every minute) for a few hours yesterday before going silent. it started this morning again so i dismounted (no electrical connections anymore) the smoke detector (lets call it A) and after one hour the chirping stopped but resumed again for the whole afternoon until 10pm.  i dismounted another smoke detector (lets call it B) on the basement ceiling but the chirping continued (coming from where A was)

i decided to cut the power off to all 4 smoke detectors but the chirping continued, preceded by one very loud beep shortly before the chirp (every minute also) coming from where A was. so it looks like there is something making chirping and beeping noises even with no power at all in the house and two smoke detectors completely disconnected. I have to my knowledge no CO detector, nothing else in the vicinity. how come that when i cut the electricity i get a very loud, regular beeping sound looking like it is coming from A wires (i have dismounted A). the chirping noise is hard to localise but the beeping is so loud there can be no mistake. there should be nothing left that makes a loud beep (the same intensity as if there was a fire alarm) except there is no power in the house and no smoke detector anymore there. 

i cannot understand what happens can anyone please help? as i fish typing this the chirping has stopped but i am pretty sure it will start again and it is driving me nuts. thanks for your help  



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