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Alarm for small workshop

Guest James R

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Guest James R


I want to hold art classes in an outbuilding.  It measures 12m x 4.5m and is one undivided space.  Can anyone advise if I need a fire alarm system of some sort.  I wondered if a bell on the wall would be sufficient.  Anyone shouting fire in the room would be heard by everyone.  (My plan is to teach no more than five students at once. and I have push bar doors at each end.  I would really appreciate some advice

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You need no electrical fire alarm or automatic detection. Due to the size and layout of the premises your means of fire detection & warning as required by legislation is human senses (sight and smell) to detect and voice to warn. The official entry level guidance for small premises reflects this.

Do not be conned into paying to provide anything extra for detection/alarm, it's not required and no real benefit to life safety (although if you really don't want to just use your voice a whistle or air horn would suit). 

Emergency lighting could be a torch and a single small extinguisher suitable means of fighting fire (preferably 2l foam spray or 1l water mist as powder wouldn't be advisable in such a small space).

Technically you only need one exit too.

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