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Fire door sets in HMOs

Guest Mercedes Gerrelli

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Guest Mercedes Gerrelli


I am intending to rent rooms in an HMO type A (2 floors) and have been told by the council that the fire doors must be compliant with BS8214:2008   There is some confusion as far as I am concerned because originally I was emailed by the manager of the council's enforcement section who stated that the door frames should also be fire proof. The BS8214:2008 does not mention door frames. Do you know whether such fire doors should be installed as a doorset so that the frame is also fire proof and should each door bear a certification number on the top of the door?   When I looked up the said BS8214:2008 it only mentioned FD30's with specific gaps and threshold requirements as well as cold smoke seals but no mention of certification nor fireproof door frames. On the other hand I also noticed that Certifire advises tenants to check for a certification label on the door, so I need to ensure that the doors are installed properly and for everybody's peace of mind. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  Regards


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BS8214:2008 has been withdrawn, sadly councils are often poor at keeping up with standards even where responsible for fire safety enforcement and BS8214:2016 is the current edition.

A fire door is only as good as it's frame and surrounding construction - the whole doorset must be compliant. Go to the BWF website to find a certified installer of fire doors/doorsets so you will be assured it's OK.

We use Ventro for all our fire door work- http://www.ventrogroup.com/


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