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New smoke detector


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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could help with the following issue. The fire risk assessment carried out by the company which we have contracted states that we should have a smoke detector installed in our IT server room. The building is two storey and is only used for offices. This room is across an escape route. The problem we've got is the additional smoke detector required cannot be wired into the existing fire alarm control panel.  Does anybody have a solution to this problem?

I was thinking of using radio-linked smoke detectors: 1 inside this room and the other one on the corridor so that people can hear the fire alarm easily. Would this solution satisfy the requirements of BS5839 part 1?

Thank you. 

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In a building of the size you are in there should be no reason to not be able to add the detector to your existing panel (unless it's something very weird and obsolete with no spares made), you are unlikely to have exceeded your zone device limits or loop loadings, this wasn't accompanied by a quote to put in a whole new system to achieve this by any chance?

If the detection is only required to give a local warning (e.g. an inner room situation) then you could use BS5839 Part 6 Grade D (mains & battery back up) domestic smoke alarms with radio link bases, although strictly speaking you should be extending the BS5839 Part 1 commercial system.

If a more wider warning is needed then you have no option but to extend the commercial system.

By across the escape route do you mean you have to pass through the room to exit? IT room detection is usually recommended for property protection only and not statutory life safety compliance unless the building overall needs a high level of cover (note that normal offices don't require detection at all unless multioccupied and then usually only to limited areas)

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