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Emergency escape lighting positioning in a complicated building


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Can anybody help me with this difficult issue?

I need to design the emergency escape lighting system of a building with a complicated structure in terms of escape paths.

For example there are many rooms with 2 doors.  From each door of a room I can identify an escape path to a different outdoor exit.

One of the 2 paths is a bit longer - for example one path crosses 2 rooms and the other one crosses 3 rooms.

My question is: should I place the emergency escape luminaries near each door of a room, or i should choose only the one with the shortest path?


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Normally the regular ingress and exit from your place of work does not need to be signed only the less common routes but emergency exit lighting should cover all the routes out of the premises to the prescribed levels, if required. If the rooms are fairly large I would place a luminaire close to each door and then check the level of light to see if any mose are required.

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