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Residential door lock for dementia patient

Guest Brendan

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I wish to enquire about door locks for the above application. I presently manage a 24/7 care team for my aunt with dementia in her own home. I have noticed that she becomes agitated and anxious when carers are changing shifts and with doors being unlocked and relocked and even the jangling of keys. Therefore I am considering a keypad/fob based system for carer entry. Entry is not the problem of course but exit is. For obvious reasons there cannot be a typical crash to exit lever or push to exit button so exit also has to be somewhat secure. However there is an obvious conflict with fire safety in this situation. How is this normally handled - presumably the door lock is linked to a fire alarm system?



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If you have a category A,B, or C fire alarm the door lock will be linked to a fire alarm system but you still need a manual override and also you will need the means of opening the door during normal time. You could have a "push to exit" button fitted with a plastic cover which you need to lift up before you can press the button which could be sufficient to prevent your aunt from operating the button?

The plastic cover is designed for manual call points but if you can get a "push to exit" button the same size then it could work.

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