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Steps on escape routes

Guest AMBM

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Hi All. Just looking for a bit of advice regarding steps on escape routes.

The premises is a small shop, on the ground floor only. Maximum number of people on site at a given time (staff and customers) is approximately 10.  

There are 2 designated fire exits - the main entrance which leads directly into the shop and a rear fire exit which you access through the storage area (the number of exits is adequate given the travel distances and number of people). 

To get to the rear fire exit you have to walk up 4 steps. Currently there aren't any employees with mobility impairments who require a wheelchair, but members of the public with mobility impairments do access the shop. 

The consumer unit is located next to the main entrance, although this is protected by means of sufficient fire resistant material.

Detection is installed throughout the shop, and is audible in all areas.  

My question is, should we be providing a means of escape up the stairs to the rear fire exit for people in wheelchairs (evac chair going up)?

Thanks in advance

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