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How long to evacuate after fire?

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 we had a fire in the kitchen area which is a separate room within the main room. The fire was taken care of quickly but there was still smoke and a acrid smell.  We work in an area were you cannot open the windows. Should we have evacuated until 1. The smoke was totally gone. 2.  They had checked what the fumes were?


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Ideally the fire brigade should have been called even if you were going to tackle it yourself. They could then have carried out post fire ventilation with their PPV fans (if needed) and advised.

Most fire effluent contains chemicals or particulates that are harmful to the lungs and body & the area should be well ventilated before re-entry. Whilst with a small extinguished fire it won't kill you it's not good for you either, especially if anyone has a pre-existing respiratory medical condition

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