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Smoke Detector emits light without power supply.


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I have an old, hard-wired smoke detector that has a battery backup. The wires to the power are cut, and it does not have a battery, yet in complete darkness, it emits a faint green light. My first inclination was that the detector contained a hidden camera and the light is coming from the IR emitter, however my cell phone camera does not detect any IR. Does anyone have an explanation? Do LED's act as capacitors? This is a 60's or 70's model detector.

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Smoke detectors in general should be replaced every 10 years, If this detector is as old as you say, then it should be replaced, thereby removing the concern for a green light.

As an aside LED's do not act as capacitors, even if they did, they would (in theory) emit the colour of light they are supposed to. Are you sure the material of the detector is not Luminous?


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