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Fire escape bespoke signage

Guest PB86

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I have been asked to look into the possibility of installing fire alarm devices (some sort of illuminated sign linked to either a single detector or the main panel) adjacent to the first and second floor exit doors to inform the occupiers that they shouldn't use that particular exit (there are 2 exits per floor) if there is a fire in the reception area (my understanding is that this area is deemed an unprotected lobby due to its construction).

For the record the above information was given to me by a project manager who was told to install these devices by the local fire officer. I have never seen this set up before and was wondering if it is even legal/wise/possible.

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Thank you for the reply Tom.

Strangely enough i was at a different site today that has, what appears to be, a very similar set up to this. I have requested O&Ms to see if they can shed any light on exactly how this works so if i receive anything i will post here in case anyone else comes across this set up in future.

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I got this information from another website.

This is relatively common in public spaces they are often known as EDNE (Emergency Do Not Enter) Signs.

Check out http://www.kentec.co.uk/warning-signs.html they need careful consideration and planning, battery backed and sized correctly to ensure visibility from appropriate distance. I would also strongly recommend including the signage in inductance talks and Fire Drills.

I do not know how you provide the inputs from the fire alarm but if you contact the company I am sure they will help.

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