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Assessment of Warehouse/Distribution Building


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I have carried out fire risk assessments for each area of the building where I work but our H&S practitioner says I need to do one for the whole building she has given me quite a lengthy assessment form to fill out what I can ready for her next visit where we will go over it and finish it off.

One of the questions is, number of exits from the building (single or multi) are these the exits that lead immediately the the outside?

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There is a question on my Fire risk assessment form; 'Are there arrangements for servicing and maintenance of fire shutter doors, magnetic catches etc. (6 monthly)?'

We inspect our doors as above monthly as was recommended in the log supplied by the company who fitted our system originally, do we need to do it this often or is six monthly sufficient?

Is there any requirement to have a third party do any routine checks or maintenance?



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It all depends on the item being serviced or maintained, most servicing or maintenance should be done by a third party but there are some that can be done in house it all depends.

If the mag locks are released when the fire alarm operates, they should be checked weekly at the time of the fire alarm test, (in house). They should be serviced six monthly same time as the fire alarm service, by a third party.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk.

Regards to your previous check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-risk-assessment/ where you will find a template.               

Example FRA.zip

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