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Guest van der Merwe

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Guest van der Merwe

I am so glad to have found this site

I am responsible for the management of a 1960/70s small bock of 6 flats (3 x 2)with garages below and an external balcony leading from the back of each flat an open air cement stairway. It is a sixties block on two floors, one brick thick with a pitched roof.

We are about to change large front crittall windows (metal) to double glazed windows as well as a small window and door at the back of these very small flats. It has been suggested that we need to delay the work update our buildings risk assessment before we start any work because the materials being used by a company in the light of the recent fire in the tower block. 

Can someone explain:

1. whether fire risk assessment can cover the materials used in replacement windows

2. Are the replacement windows (and their quality) the responsibility of each owner or the managing company?

3. Do fire risk assessments only cover communal areas and they don't can they comment of the fabrics (bricks) of the building and if they don't who does that risk assessment - building control?

4. Are risk assessments bitty? Who do you go to for which part of the building; External fabric of the building, internal frabrick of the building (gas, electric, pipe pathways from floor to floor) and communal areas.

we don't want to delay putting the windows in which will improve heat retention but may be the wrong first step


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Since 1 April 2002 building regulations have applied to all replacement glazing, including fire safety - you should contact your Local Authority Building Control department for guidance.

Guidance on the different types of residential block fire risk assessment to suit the different legislation (Fire Safety Order and Housing Act) is in this guide:



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