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Best for 'fridge fires?

Guest Rosemary

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Guest Rosemary

Dear Helpful Person
1. How can a 'fridge catch fire? Isn't the insulation sealed in by metal?

2. Would a fire blanket be the best option for a 'fridge fire in a very small kitchen?

3. There's a window opposite. If it were open would it 'feed' such a fire?

I'm sure you'll have thousands of queries after the horrendous disaster at Grenfell Tower.

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A fire blanket would be of little use as it wouldn't be big enough, wouldn't stay in place and you'd not be able to get to the the area on fire - look at this video and remember the fridge/freezer would have the area on fire behind it facing the wall:


Whilst a CO2, Water Mist, Triclass or Powder extinguisher would be suitable, difficulty of access to the seat of the fire and the amount of fire effluent being produced in the confines of a kitchen would preclude a safe and effective attack.

Best to switch off the socket (if immediately accessible and not blocked by the fire) get out the kitchen shutting the door behind you and evacuating.

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