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Fire exit locked with key turn

Guest JamesPun

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Guest JamesPun

Good afternoon, I was hoping you could give me advice on a couple of things please. I'm writing a risk assessment on a building that is a day service for disabled people. They have a fire door that is the only exit out of the building other than the main entrance. This is currently locked with a key turn. However this is also behind another door that must be kept locked at all times as in-between that door and the fire door are all of the electrical panels which the service users may gain access to. Can you advise if that one door must be kept open to access the fire door and if the fire door is ok being opened by a key or if we need to get a push bar? Also it is mainly open plan with plasterboard and MDF walls. The walls a mainly 8 feet high approx. and there are no fire safety doors in the property. Is this ok? They also have no emergency lighting as they were advised that as its a day service operating between 9 and 4 that this is not needed. Is this correct? Finally in a residential home I audit they don't have any fire exit signs up as they were told because its a small residential property it is not needed. Can you advise if this is ok or not?

Thanks. James

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Exits must not require a key or code to open.

The internal layout and construction cannot be commented on without visiting site.

If there is sufficient borrowed light between 9 & 4 they may be OK, but bear in mind the effect of winter on availability of natural light. 

For Care Homes see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-residential-care-premises


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