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Maximum number of people in a space

Guest ElizabethKB

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Guest ElizabethKB

I run a recreation area (for card players) in a modern building
- it is on the first floor.
- We have double fire doors 132 mm wide to the play area
- there is a small straight, lit corridor 145 mm wide
- a flight of 22 steps 112 wide to the glass external door

How many people can I have in this recreation area? This is a daytime activity (no one sleeps here!)

Thank you for your advice

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I am assuming you have only one door from the playroom, the double fire doors 132 mm wide, this means you will be limited to a maximum of 60 people depending on the size of the room.

You have not indicated any travel distances, is the corridor a protected route and what the building is used for, which can affect the situation.

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First of all I think Elizabeth meant 132 cm not MM and a corridor of 145 cm, the doors will be inward opening doors, there was no calculation, if you read the guidance you will find a room with inward opening doors is limited to less than sixty persons. 

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