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Fire Escape Window

Guest paul

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Guest paul

I live in a Victorain building that has been made into flats double bedroom flats.  The only window that is on the landing 3 floors up that opens up on the back which a has drop of at least 25ft is used as a fire escape even though there is no signage or anything to indicate that it is.  Can it be locked at all or fitted with an emergency unlock in an emergency.  It is not fireproof glass.  However it is a security risk to.  The council say it has to be left unlocked.  My bedrooms are in the attic so I am even further from the main door which is the only real way of getting out at all. I don't think there is anything between floors to protect me from a fire in another flat.  Think it's called fire guarding.  I say this because I can hear everything downstairs as they can upstairs.  I am quite worried regarding safety.

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A window escape on the second floor with a drop of 25ft cannot be considered an alternative means of escape. Even if it was required for MoE It can be locked, but should be easily openable, check out Approved Document B (fire Safety) volume 2: Premises other than Dwelling Houses, item 2.9 page 22.

You should have a 30 minute, fire resistant, protected route, from your front door of your flat, to outside, via the main front door and some form of fire alarm to warn you if this route is threatened by fire or smoke.

If you have any concerns you should contact your local fire service and ask for a fire safety inspection of your flat, most do provide such a service. http://www.firesafe.org.uk/uk-fire-rescue-services-details/

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