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I own a self-contained top floor flat in a Victorian house converted many years ago. From my flat there is access to a flat roof connected with the other house in the terrace. I would like to have a system in place allowing automatically those downstairs to come through my flat and up the roof in the event of fire. Does it exist a "smart lock" (connected or not to an alarm system) or any other product that could be installed on the my flat's front door to achieve this? Many thanks in adavnce

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Why can those downstairs not go out through the front door? All doors leading off the communal area should be fire rated, so if the worst should happen they can stay put until the fire brigade arrive. I wouldn't want to  go up to a flat roof if there was a fire.

As an aside, how would anyone know what to do? you would have to have signs (of the right size installed) outside your flat as well as signs INSIDE your flat indicating which way to go, and as it would be a fire exit you would have to keep it clear all the time.

Also anyone above the ground floor may wish to consider a portable fire escape ladder, safelincs supply a variety of them, Click here

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