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Condemned- Obsolete Model CO2

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From our last inspection I have been notified that one of our sites is not compliant to British stands (5306 Pt 3 & 5306 Pt 8) due to CO2 extinguisher being condemned-Obsolete Model. I have had this recently at another site and from my research I believe the CO2 has a life of 10 years as long as it has past its extended service (I think that is correct) from what I could see each extinguishers were under 5 years old. When contacting the compliance team at Chubb to request more information on why this is now obsolete they were unable to give an answer and were unable to tell me what 5306 Pt 3 & 5306 Pt 8 standards are so worried were are not conforming to regulations replacements were ordered. Now it has come up again I was hoping for a little guidance to either replace or to continue with current that Chubb are telling me are Obsolete.

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Hi Chloe

Unlike stored pressure extinguishers (water, foam, powder, etc.) a CO2 fire extinguisher is a cylinder containing highly compressed gas and has more in common with an air tank or nitrogen cylinder than a normal extinguisher. As the tests and standards for them are higher they have a ten year life from date of manufacture instead of the usual 5 years that you would find on a stored pressure (water, etc.) unit. This means that they only require a basic annual service during those 10 years. At year 10 the lifespan can be extended by an additional 10 years but the extinguisher would require a test discharge, pressure test and refill, so it is usually more cost effected to purchase a new unit.

If your CO2 extinguishers are indeed under 5 years old and there is no physical reason (damage, corrosion, loss of pressure, etc.) for them to be condemned then you have been given incorrect information. Bear in mind however that the extinguisher itself may have been over 5 years old when initially installed (without knowing the history of the unit we cannot confirm the age of the unit). The cylinder should have the date of manufacture embossed into the top of the cylinder along with weights and the Standards it conforms to.

BS 5306-3:2009 is the British Standard that gives guidance on commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

BS 5306-8:2012 is the British Standard that gives guidance on the provisioning and installation of portable fire extinguishers and equipment on premises.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


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It's not more cost effective for the customer to scrap CO2 at 10 years - there is is still an appreciable price saving on exchanging for an overhauled unit. Suppliers like replacing new as they get the margins on a new sale and unlike other types of extinguisher which they have to pay to legally dispose of they actually can get credit back on old CO2 extinguishers. 

CO2 extinguishers do not require a 5 year Extended Service and only require annual Basic Services until the 10th year at which point it requires an Overhaul and should be service exchanged.

The chances of it being actually an Obsolete Model are extremely remote if it's as recent as you say, unless they are saying it because it's steel bodied, which is completely untrue as well.....

If you send me a photo of the extinguisher in question I can give definitive advice: anthony.buck@alcumusgroup.com

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