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Emergency lighting leds only coming on for short while after testing lights then go out


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Hi all

I have a problem with some emergency lighting where the LED's are not lit in normal operation, then when i put the light into test mode it works and the battery has charge to luminate the light.  As soon as i take the light out of test the LED is then lit but gradually gets dimmer after a few minutes then goes out again.  

The units are a T5 21W strip light with a tridonic Atco PC1x21/28-5 and 2 x 3.6v nimh batteries.  I have a few units doing the same thing.  These are connected to what i'm told is an intteligent light system.

We originally thought it was battery problems but have now ruled that out.  Now my electrician is saying its a fault with the ballast and that should be changed.  But then we need to get another piece of kit in to programme the new ballast/controller to the system all at great expense.

Any ideas greatly recieved.



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Rob this is a fire safety forum and could help you with regulations and british standard regarding emergency lighting but electrical problems is outside our expertise you would most probably better to try the IET website http://www.theiet.org/forums/Forum/messageview.cfm?catid=205&threadid=44656.

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