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Can I use an electric lock release to get in through fire exit?


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Hi, hoping someone can advise me please.

I live upstairs above a restaurant (that I also work in) and my only way in when the restaurant is closed is via a single fire exit at the bottom of the main stairs, which is also used by public to reach the toilets.
At present the fire exit has a push bar with a bolt at the top and bottom of the door as well as a bevelled latch half way up the door, which all retract when the bar is pushed.
Outside there is a key operated external access handle to get in. However, the people who work in the hotel sometimes need to get access to the restaurant through the door and we don't want to start handing keys out.

I was wanting to replace the standard receiver that the bevelled latch slides into, with an electric release and disconnect the top and bottom bolts...therefore allowing access through the door from the outside via the lock release which would be operated via a remote control fob. This would in no way prevent the door from being used in the manner it was intended and still allow the door to freely open from the inside by pushing the existing bar. When closed the door would still be secure.

I have full permission from the General Manager of the restaurant to do this if it is ok.

Can someone please tell me if this would be acceptable?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your reply. Yes the panic bar would retract the bolt from the electric release the same as it does at the moment from the keep that is there at present. The only difference is that if your outside the electric strike allows you to get in when the remote button is pressed. 

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