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Fire alarm system for lease holders

Guest C Jones

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Guest C Jones

I am one of the three leaseholder residents in an Edwardian 4 storey terraced building which was converted to 3 flats in 1988, none are tenanted.  A fire risk assessment was commissioned by the vendor when I bought my flat last year as a condition of the sale (there was no FRA in place) Most of the work is now complete, i.e. fire doors fully upgraded and the electrical meter cupboards and cabling fireproofed in common areas, all by a third party accredited company. The recommendation given re smoke alarms was quite vague, just that we should have them in the common areas, but no grade of system was specified. I went back to the company for further guidance, to be told that we would have to pay for another survey and their further comments. Having done my own research, looking at Lacors and Fire Safety Risk Assessment - Sleeping Accommodation, it looks like we might need a Grade A LD2 system installed. I am obviously concerned at the "advice" re smoke alarms in the FRA. If I had known about the extra expense ahead of me, for the alarm system, I might have thought twice about buying the flat as the other work has been expensive for us all.

I would welcome your comments on whether we are asking for the correct system to be quoted for. After a couple of quotes have been received, it's clear that this is quite an expensive system. From a laypersons point of view, it's quite a nightmare not only understanding the regs but also making sure that what we ultimately have fitted complies with our obligations with the fire services and buildings insurance! 

Obviously our priority is the safety of the residents, but I had hoped we could at least trust the recommendations of the FRA.

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You need to check lacors guide, I understand it says, Grade A: LD2 coverage in the common areas and a heat alarm in each flat in the room/lobby opening onto the escape route (interlinked); and Grade D: LD3 coverage in each flat (non-interlinked) smoke alarm in the room/lobby opening onto the escape route) to protect the sleeping occupants of the flat.

Lacors guide is accepted by most enforcing authorities if not all and it is the owner/landlord or the managing agents responsible for implementing The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 


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