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Adhesive escape signage on emergency light luminaires.


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How do people generally regard the translucent, adhesive escape signs that are commonly found on emergency luminaires?  I frequently recommend that these are removed (and replaced with a standard sign in lieu) if the luminaire(s) concerned constitute the only maintained or non-maintained emergency light fittings, given that they reduce the emitted light and thus may compromise the intended lux levels.  Where they've been used as a cheaper alternative to a dedicated illuminated sign, then I'm generally happy with this providing there's another emergency light source in the same vicinity.

Do people here generally concur with this view?  Interested to hear other views and opinions.

Thanks sincerely in advance.

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An internally illuminated exit sign ("Exit Box") and an emergency lighting fitting are different beasts for different applications. Unfortunately because many bulkhead emergency lights come with a legend kit (as they can be used either as an exit box or a light) some installers feel the need to stick them on all the time even when not required.

Where a legend kit has been added to fittings installed in a location where it is clearly intended to be a lighting unit I have the legend removed. If it located such it is fulfilling the need for illuminated signage then it stays and additional lighting, if required, is needed, is fitted.


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