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class A fire extinguishers

Andrew cookson

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Is it necessary for the management company to provide & maintain a class A fire extinguisher in a block of flats?

the block comprises 25 self contained flats built in 2002. There is 1 exit/entrance door. There is a lift as well as stairs but no service rooms.

I have read the fire safety order 2005 and it doesn't make it clear whether this is s legal requirement.






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Absolutely not and don't let the management company (& yourselves through the service charge) be ripped off by someone trying to persuade them it's a legal requirement.

The current official guidance for fire safety in purpose built flats states:

"- It is not normally considered necessary to provide fire extinguishers in the common parts of blocks of flats. Such equipment should only be used by those trained in its use. It is not considered appropriate or practicable for residents in a block of flats to receive such training.

In addition, if a fire occurs in a flat, the provision of fire extinguishing appliances in the common parts might encourage the occupants of the flat to enter the common parts to obtain an appliance and return to their flat to fight the fire. Such a procedure is inappropriate."

Also water or foam extinguishers would be useless on two of the most common domestic fires - cooking oils/fats and electrical appliances. The common areas in flats should be fire sterile (if not a serious offence is being comitted)  so a fire would be unlikely to occur and if one did you would be safer in your flat than getting seriously injured (or worse) trying to deal with it.

Link to fire safety guidance: http://www.local.gov.uk/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=1138bf70-2e50-400c-bf81-9a3c4dbd6575

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