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Told to jump from flat roof

Guest Dannielle

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Guest Dannielle

Good afternoon,

How do I request an inspection to my workplace for fire safety?

We have no fire exits onsite. Have been told to go onto the flat roof and wait to be brought down or jump to the ground floor


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Hi Danielle,

Here is a good place to start: 

Workplace health and safety concerns:


Particularly this link: 

  1. Check if HSE is the correct enforcing authority


If HSE is not responsible it tells who is and how to contact the responsible body.

The bit on Whistle blowers is helpful too.

Hope this helps,




PS: In case you are not aware HSE stands for Health and Safety Executive. It is a government body and part of its responsibility is to check health and safety arrangements are adequate.



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Your local fire service has a department for enforcing fire safety legislation whose details are on their website (usually after following links for Business Fire Safety or Fire Safety at Work). You should contact them with your concerns and they will carry out an audit and act accordingly.

What you have been told is completely non compliant (it wouldn't even have complied with the regulations over 50 years ago!) although it is permissible to have only one stair or exit in some circumstances.

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