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Coffee machine in hotel bedroom corridors.

John B

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I have a situation where a hotel has from the day it opened had a small electric coffee machine on each floor in the bedroom corridor. The machines are a table top type with cups etc. stored with the machine on a different shelf. The bedroom corridors have alternate means of escape, travel distance is fine and the fire alarm is L1 with a delay for searching. The machines are fitted with RCD and PAT tested annually. I'm not happy with the machines as a heat producing item in a bedroom corridor but I would welcome anyone's view on this. 

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Ok that's interesting. I have always been told that anything with a heating element is a no-no in hotel bedroom corridors but I guess if the risk of the consumables catching fire is well managed its no real different to an electric radiator in the corridor. The hotel has been inspected and the fire officer who apparently didn't have an issue with the situation which is why I am questioning my own sanity.   

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Nowdays it is all about risk assessment, looking at this situation, the element is submerged in water and the electrics will be protected by an RCB, I would think the fire risk is low, with good management and is acceptable. If it was a microwave or toaster that would be a concern, even in the seventies a tea room in an escape corridor did not require a FD30 door and was acceptable providing there was no cooking facilities.

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