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Service of 230v mains detector to flats in HMO


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I wonder if anyone can help. I am carrying out alarm service and testing in various HMO. Aditioanlly each year we have to test the flats mains detector in hallway linked to fire alalrm panel. I am having difficaulty in  access to these properties. I send a 1 letter out a month before inspection with  certain day for test. this is then followed up by a reminder letter 2 week before service. All with contact number if resident wishes to change date/time etc. I then attend and get no access. I card them, but still get no reply. My question is. Is there a reasonable protocol or process / guideline to state How many times we try to gain access and if detector can be noted as not accessed and rolled over to next year. Looked everywhere but cant find any guidelines





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I doubt if there is any guidelines but I am not sure if it is you who should arrange the access I think it should be up to the the person who commission the service (owner/landlord/managing agent) who should make the necessary arrangements. They could make it a conditions of the tenants agreement and it could be argued that the tenant is in breach of article 5.3 and article 17 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. What I would do is make sure the log book or any report fully documented that access could not be gained and the equipment not tested. 

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