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Bread stored on exit route

Guest philip walklin

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Guest philip walklin

hi just a quick question

I work in [supermarket name removed by moderator] and would like to ask about fire exits there is a fire exit at the end of a 20foot long corridor double doored with a fire alarm next to it, the corridor is hatched completely and all the appropriate signs are up but I was told that we are allowed to store bread stacks in plastic trays along the whole length of the corridor as long as it dosnt stick out by more that a metre ,so there is a combustible material in an enclosed 20foot corridor sticking out by 1 metre in a 3-4 metre width corridor and it also obscures the fire alarm at the end of the corridor.

many thanks

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I cannot give a definitive answer without a physical survey. Loaves of bread on plastic trays is not going to be a serious fire hazard it is more likely to be an obstruction problem. Providing it is well managed and the fire alarm call point is not obstructed then it should be acceptable. I would need to considered the floor hatching as it purpose is to indicate this area should be kept clear and it appears that is not the case. 

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