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B1 display boards fire resistance

Guest MarkCol

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Just B1 is not sufficient information to give a definitive reply but it could be that the board has been tested for the degree of flammability and combustibility in accordance with the German DIN 4102. DIN 4102.  

The following are the categories in order of degree of combustibility as well as flammability:  

Rating                            Degree of flammability                                      Examples

A1                                  100% non-combustible (nicht brennbar)            

A2                                   98% non-combustible (nicht brennbar) 

B1                                   Difficult to ignite (schwer entflammbar)             Intumescents and some high end silicones

B2                                   Normal combustibility                                        wood

B3                                   Easily ignited (leicht entflammbar)                     polystyrene

A more recent industrial standard is the European EN 13501-1 - Fire classification of construction products and building elements - which roughly replaces A2 with A2/B, B1 with C, B2 with D/E and B3 with F.  

B3 or F rated materials may not be used in building unless combined with another material which reduces the flammability of those materials.  

This would indicate the board would be satisfactory as a notice board but more important is the items and how you attach them to the board ideally they should be under glass to prevent them from being easily ignited.





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