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Cable connector housing, fire retardant?

Guest Markp

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I need to provide a method to connect two wires for a monitored connection from a device to a CIE, but I want that to be a chassis mounted connector on the device so the installer doesn't have to open the box. The connectors themselves are UL94-V0 rated (both the chassis socket and the terminal plug), but the shroud that goes around the terminal plug is only rated to UL94-HB. I'm aware that according to BS5839 pt1 2013 any cable support must be non-combustible if it were a means of cable support, but the primary support for the cable is via the screw terminals in the plug. Is it acceptable to use a UL94-HB shroud in this way?



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This type of question can be answer more fully on forum's like http://firealarmengineers.com/.

But I would suggest you consider why the recommendation has been introduced and this should help you to decide if your solution is acceptable. I understand, the reason is, if the cable supports fail in a fire, allowing the cable to fall this could cause a hazard for firefighters. There may be other reasons and you should research why, and see if it will affect your solution.

If fire resistance is the concern then check out the reason why and apply the same logic. 

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